February 24, 2016 / Insider, Manufacturing Industry

The cnc manufacturing industry is growing fast, with new devices and tools coming out every day. At Chips Manufacturing, we invest a lot of time and capital in researching and purchasing the latest in manufacturing technology because we truly believe that our clients deserve for their components to be produced correctly, efficiently and at the right price point. The following devices are all regularly used in the Chip facility to reduce lead-time and increase productivity so that you’ll always be satisfied with your partnership with us.



Tri-Mist 850

The Tri-Mist 850 features an adjustable speed controller to deliver 50-850 CFM of high-efficiency filtration. Incorporating superior mechanical impingement filters followed by double-pass electrostatic precipitators captures 90-99.97% of the mist generated by a machine tool and return the fluid to the reservoir from which it came. This system is employed by thousands of machine facilities around the world to remove unpleasant and often harmful aerosolized fluids from contained environments.



Air pollutants including oils, emulsions, steam, process waste gas and fine dust are separated from the air to the greatest possible degree. The system operates without any auxiliary energy, is suitable for cleaning and contains no disposable products that need to be replaced repeatedly.


eco-pure-chips.jpgEcopure Mineral Spirits Filtration System

Ecopure offers onboard mineral spirit filtration that allows the cutting fluid to circulate within the machine itself, allowing us to use the same mineral spirits for dozens of cycles. Depending on the machine and scale of the job, Ecopure can be adjusted and calibrated to automatically regulate mineral spirits saturation levels and mitigate risk without any human intervention.




Durr Ecoclean EcoCBase P2

The EcoCBase C2 uses non-halogenated hydrocarbons as highly effective cleaning media for removing oils, greases, emulsions, and swarf.


chips-manufacturing-oasis-vision_copy.jpgOasis Vision

The Oasis Vision System is a premier optical profile inspection system. This means that using cameras, we can take infinite precise measurements of the small and complicated parts we produce in seconds to guarantee that each part is being made to precise client specifications.




NLX 2500- DMG Mori

The NLX 2500 is a high-rigidity, high-precision CNC lathe-able to flexibly manage numerous workpieces. The model stars a Built-in Motor that delivers robust cnc turning capacities and excellent milling performance as well as the highly rigid bed.


puma-chips.jpgPuma TTT1800SY

The Puma 1800Series is a high productivity horizontal turning center equipped with twin opposed spindles and upper / lower turrets. The left and right spindles can process work pieces individually to deliver superior productivity.






MORI SEIKI NL 2500-222

The NL series stands for high stability and accuracy which transcends conventional lathes and continues to set a global mark in mechanical engineering. The drive is installed directly into the turret for increased cnc milling capacity and improved accuracy.


minuteman.jpgMinuteman 320 SE

The Minuteman 320 SE is an Automatic Magazine style Bar Feeder designed for feeding round, square and hexagonal bar stock in lengths up to 12', in a diameter range of 3-20 mm, into CNC lathes.

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