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At Chips Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on being a leader in the armament manufacturing industry. We are constantly investing in new technology and enforcing our quality assurance procedures to ensure your parts come out perfect every time.

Some of the armament parts we produce include:


baffel.jpgBaffle Manufacturer

Baffles are circular metal dividers that separate the expansion chambers. Each baffle has a hole in its core that permits the journey of the bullet through the suppressor and towards the target. The hole has tight tolerance requirements typically at least 1 mm larger than the bullet caliber to minimize "baffle strike". Baffles are typically made of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, or alloys such as Inconel.





piston.jpgBarrel Manufacturing

A gun barrel is comprised of a tube through which the rapid expansion of gases propels a projectile (bullet) out of the other end at high speed. The cnc manufacturing of a barrel must account for the fact that the pressure produced by the propellants that must be contained to ensure that optimum velocity is achieved by the projectile. Barrels are typically made of difficult to machine materials in order to achieve the strength necessary without adding additional weight to the finished gun.




thread-protecto.jpgThread protector Manufacturer

Thread protectors are widely used on firearms to protect the threaded barrels from mechanical damage and ensure the centerlines line up when the muzzle device is replaced. Thread protectors are generally manufactured from plastic or steel although steel is preferred by higher-end armament cnc companies as metal thread protectors can be cleaned and re-used while plastic cannot.




ar-bolt.jpgAR15 Bolt Manufacturing

The AR-15’s bolt and carrier are the heart of the rifle and define its overall performance. We understand that the ins and outs of the bolt and carrier including weight, plating and coatings, and firing-pin hole sizes will make a huge impact on how smoothly and reliably your AR runs.







Piston Manufacturer

Gas pistons were first used in modern firearms on the AK-47. The firing process begins with propellant gases entering the barrel. However, instead of being forced into a tube like in a direct impingement system, the gas is contained in a separate cylinder. This cylinder includes a piston that is moved by the gas. It, in turn, pushes the bolt carrier back to handle the extraction and ejection process, and then is moved pushed forward to the closed position by a spring.




Why Partnering with Chips for Armament Manufacturing is the Right Choice

  • Years of Experience

When working with Chips for armament manufacturing, you are partnering with an expert team of engineers, operators, and specialists who understand the extreme complexity, tight tolerance, and difficult material types your components require. 

  • FFL and Insured

We are federally licensed with an updated FFL and specifically insured to cnc manufacturing components within the armament industry. We take every precaution available so that both parties are protected. 

  • Swiss CNC Machines

To provide our clients with shorter lead-times & high-quality goods at the low prices, we invested in Swiss CNC machines, all from the same manufacturer, reducing set-up times and production costs over traditional procurement methods.

  • “Just in Time” Product Release Schedule

To keep costs low, we manufacture their entirety of their order at once, store the excess product and send it to them based off of a release schedule. This system ensures the lowest client cost, on-time product deliveries and backup product. 

  • Proof of Concept to Production

We partnered with clients, taking their product idea from blueprint to prototype, and completing a successful full production run. This allowed for collaboration between the client and our team resulting in the best version of the product.

If you are interested in working with Chips for your armament manufacturing needs, please call (630) 682-4477 or request a quote online at

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