February 16, 2016 / Manufacturing Industry, CNC Operator

Chips Manufacturing, a leading metal parts manufacturer, has added a new machine to their line! We are proud to announce the addition of the NLX 2500 CNC lathe to our already expansive line of Swiss CNC machines. At Chips, we are always looking to improve the components we manufacture and we are very excited about the possibilities this new CNC brings to our facility. 

How it Works

Chips-Manufacturing.jpgThe NLX 2500 is a high-rigidity, high-precision CNC lathe-able to flexibly manage numerous work pieces. The model stars a BMT (Built-in Motor) that delivers powerful turning capacities and outstanding milling performance as well as the highly rigid bed.

The NLX 2500 enables operators to perform machining of various components from simple- to complex-shaped precision metal parts with an easy operation. This is the model that can satisfy a wide range of users from beginners to experienced technicians.

The NLX 2500 has been upgraded from the basic performance of lathes in areas such as reliability, accuracy, rigidity and operability. The model employs DMG MORI original technology, including thermal displacement control, while maintaining the proven features of the previous model including the high-rigidity bed.

Additionally, the NLX 2500 is an operator and environmentally friendly model that visualizes energy-saving effects by the CELOS application aiming to reduce environmental burden.


What does this mean for Chips clients?

Applying this innovative, new technology, Chips Manufacturing can deliver more accurate, complex metal part even faster, and our clients are reaping the benefits. Not only are client projects getting done faster, but also the accuracy and precision of our production line are second to none.


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