June 7, 2016 / Green Initiative

This article is part of the Chips Green Initiative Tech Spotlight

Jim Jett, President of Chips Manufacturing, comments, “Chips is aggressively looking at any and all opportunities to eliminate waste and preserve our planet’s natural resources for generations to come”.

ecopure_mineral_spirits_filtration_system.pngThe use of mineral spirits and other cleaning agents are very common in the manufacturing process. How those fluids are handled and more importantly disposed of after use, is certainly an environmental concern.

Chips has taken an aggressive stance on their green initiative and how they handle used solvents. Chips has made the investment in an ECOpure SR60V solvent recycler to aid in that initiative.


Chips has been successfully recycling their solvent based waste for the past few years with extraordinary results! Besides the value of their waste reductions and environmental concerns, we have reduced the expense of ordering virgin solvent.

The R.O.I. for the equipment was just under twelve months!

Chips is committed to the preservation of our natural resources for future generation to come.


If you would like more information about this topic, please email us at sales@chipsmfg.com

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