November 11, 2015 / Manufacturing Industry

With over 50 machines under power, Chips Manufacturing is one of the largest Swiss houses in the Midwest. Our unorthodox practice of using complex Swiss-type CNC machines to manufacture specialty parts allows us to maximize our productivity and make parts to order rapidly.

Part of what makes these Swiss-type machines so powerful is that they use mineral spirits instead of water in the cutting process. With greater lubricity than water, cuts along multiple axes can be made with greater precision and speed. But mineral spirits is not only more expensive than water; it is more difficult and wasteful to simply dispose of. That’s why we have invested in the Ecopure Solvent Recycling Filtration System.


Saving Time And Reducing Costs


Without proper mineral spirits filtration, Swiss-type machines would be dramatically more expensive to use than a conventional 3-axis CNC lathe machine. Ecopure offers onboard mineral spirit filtration that allows the cutting fluid to circulate within the machine itself, allowing us to use the same mineral spirits for dozens of cycles.

Depending on the machine and scale of the job, Ecopure can be adjusted and calibrated to automatically regulate mineral spirits saturation levels and mitigate risk without any human intervention. This saves us time and money at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Reducing Environmental Impact

Recycling our mineral spirits is not just a tremendous cost-saving measures, it also greatly reduces the environmental impact of our manufacturing floor. With recycling being a huge part of our green initiatives as a manufacturer, recycling the mineral spirits we use in our CNC machining process has been a longstanding concern. Hazardous waste disposal and recycling programs at the state and federal level are expensive and complicated, so we did things the Chips way and took matters into our own hands.


Keeping The Machine Floor At Full Capacity

The Ecopure Solvent Recycling Filtration System is not just great in principle; it’s great because it works. At Chips, we go above and beyond to perform both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on all of our machines to keep the machine floor operating at full capacity at all times. Poor mineral spirits filtration could easily lead to residue and buildup that can cause fires and worse at manufacturing temperatures. Ecopure keeps our machines running clean and smooth so we can produce and ship your order at a moment’s notice. Check out our website for more information and to Request a Quote.

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