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At Chips Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility. We believe that a clean workplace is a prerequisite of productivity and that belief encompasses not just the floor we work on, but the air we breathe. To ensure our facility is as clean as possible, we have invested in two different kinds of technology to gather and dispose of airborne irritants; the Tri-mist 850 and REVEN®.

Tri-Mist 850

chips_new.jpgThe Tri-Mist 850 is a recovering system from Tri-Dim and is employed by thousands of machine facilities around the world to remove unpleasant and often harmful aerosolized fluids from contained environments.

The Tri-Mist 850 features an adjustable speed controller to deliver 50-850 CFM of high-efficiency filtration. Incorporating superior mechanical impingement filters followed by double-pass electrostatic precipitators captures 90-99.97% of the mist generated by a machine tool and return the fluid to the reservoir from which it came. 


In our facility, Tri-Mist units:

  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce health claims (e.g. pulmonary, respiratory issues)
  • Reduce sedimentation of oils or fluids
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Extend the life of oils, coolants and process fluids



chips_newest.jpgOn the basis of decades of experience in the field of air cleaning, REVEN® has developed the mechanical X-CYCLONE® separating system. Air pollutants including oils, emulsions, steam, process waste gas and fine dust are separated from the air to the greatest possible degree. The system operates without any auxiliary energy, is suitable for cleaning and contains no disposable products that need to be replaced repeatedly. This means that operating and maintenance costs are considerably lower than with conventional air cleaners.



The X-CYCLONE® system is best suited for the separation of air-borne substances of all kinds, such as aerosols, mist, vapor and fine dusts that are released during manufacturing and finishing processes in the precision parts manufacturing manufacturing industry.


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