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Chips Manufacturing is Chicagoland's leading contract manufacturer. We have partnered with numerous companies to create precision parts manufacturing at the lowest customer cost.

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Thecnc manufacturing industry is developing quickly, with new methods and machines being released every day. At Chips Manufacturing, we believe that our clients deserve for their parts to be manufactured correctly, efficiently and at the right price point. Because of this belief, we are continuously investing time and capital in investigating and acquiring the latest in manufacturing technology.


A Precision Milling and Turning Company

Our skilled operators and trained engineers use advanced computer-controlled machines to manufacture precision metal parts for complex industries such as armament, dental & medical, HVAC, hydraulics, and gauges.


Armament Manufacturing

As a leading gun parts machining cnc company, the components that we supply to this industry range from low to high volume, include tight customer tolerance requirements and are made from difficult to machine materials like exotic Inconel’s, precipitation hardened stainless steels and exotic alloys. We have delivered hundreds of unique components to support the defense efforts of our nation. We are federally licensed with an FFL and have procured an insurance rider specifically to produce the components necessary for this industry. 

Snap-Lock-CMI-1624-3-2.jpgDental and Medical Manufacturing

The manufacturing process and quality assurance procedure required during the manufacturing of dental and medical components could be the difference between life and death for a patient down the road. With extensive experience in manufacturing complex parts from exotic, traceable materials, we often make this complex process seem effortless.



HVAC Manufacturing

HVAC manufacturing is different than any other industry we manufacture parts for because it is dependent on an uncontrollable variable; the weather. Depending on customer demands, the HVAC suppliers manufacturing needs change. At Chips, we pride ourselves on being able to supply this industry with the adaptability it needs to succeed.


2315-Pipe-Thread-Fitting_copy.jpgHydraulics Part Manufacturing

The high-volume orders required by our hydraulics clients have given us the ability to think in terms of high product development and production. Chips has partnered with key cnc manufacturing  companies in this industry to become a leading  manufacturer of hydraulic components.


Gauges Manufacturing

We proudly partner with some of the most notable sellers of gauges and switches around the world. As we've worked tirelessly to become a leader in precision metal parts manufacturing, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the functionality and detail required for the gauge parts that leave our facility.


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